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    Ten Foods that Are Good for People with Diabetes
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    Ten Foods that Are Good for People with Diabetes
    * : * : admin * : 2012-09-27 10:38:31 * : 0
      Diabetes is a chronic disease wherein there is too much blood sugar in the body. This happens when there is not enough insulin (the hormone which breaks down glucose) produced by the pancreas. Insulin needs to break down glucose to be used as energy; otherwise, glucose will remain in the blood stream. When there is too much sugars in the blood stream, complications arise such as loss of vision, skin problems, high cholesterol, nerve damage and kidney damage.
      Since diabetes is a lifelong problem, continuous medication is necessary as well as a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change must include exercise and proper diet, like controlling carbohydrate intake. So, here are some super foods that can be of great help for people suffering from diabetes: Coco sugar, Barley, Berries, Beans, Fish, Nuts, Olive oil, Yogur, Cinnamon, Oats.