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    Which Kind of Vegetarian Are You?
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    Which Kind of Vegetarian Are You?
    * : * : admin * : 2012-09-27 11:17:22 * : 1
      When people hear the word “vegetarian,” they automatically think of people who consume only leafy greens and fruits everyday. What they don’t realize is that there are several kinds of vegetarians in the world today.  Even you could be a “vegetarian,” without even realizing it!
      Basically, the different categories are based on the kind of food that they eat.  Specifically, there are four major types of vegetarians: vegans, lacto vegetarians, lacto ovo vegetarians, and semi vegetarians.
      First, there are the vegans.  Vegans do not eat anything made of animal or animal products.  These include meat such as beef, pork, mutton, and veal; all kinds of fish and poultry; milk, cheese, and all dairy products; and eggs.
      However, aside from not eating them, vegans also refuse to use or wear them.  For example, they would not wear a jacket made of silk, leather, or wool, as these are products made by and from animals.  A number of vegans even go as far as not eating honey, which is produced by bees.
      Second, we have the lacto vegetarians.  Similar to the vegans, lacto vegetarians avoid eating any kind of meat, poultry, as well as eggs.  They do however, consume dairy products.  And so, it is not unusual to meet a lacto vegetarian who drinks milk, enjoys eating yoghurt, or includes a slice of cheese in his or her sandwich.  Their diet is not as restrictive as those of vegans.
      Third, there are lacto ovo vegetarians.  As the name implies, they also avoid eating meat and poultry such as chicken and turkey.  On the other hand, they do not mind including milk products and eggs in their diet.  Dairy products like cheese, fresh milk, yoghurt, and even ice cream are okay with them.  Notably, most of the vegetarians in Western Europe, as well as Canada and the United States, can be classified under this category.
      The fourth category is roughly called “semi vegetarians.”  These kinds of vegetarians generally avoid the consumption of red meat.  It may be subdivided into other categories.  There is the pollo vegetarian who does not eat meat or fish; however, he or she occasionally enjoys chicken.
      Another classification is the pesco pollo vegetarian, who avoids eating red meat, but otherwise includes fish and chicken in their diet.  Both types are okay with consuming dairy products.
      It can be noted that among the four categories, the vegan diet is the most restrictive, while the semi vegetarian allows for the consumption of other foods, except for meat.  Having known all of these classifications, do you which kind of vegetarian you are?  For all you know, you may be a pesco pollo vegetarian or a semi vegetarian!  No matter which type you are, the important thing to remember is that you are carefully watching your diet as part of a healthier lifestyle.